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Roof Moss Removal Victoria BC

Moss and other organic growth piles up on your roof over year of neglect. At H2O Brothers, we know the West Coast can be harsh, especially pertaining to your home. Not only does roof moss look ugly, but it is a high threat to the health of your roof!

If you don't clean your roof and remove moss, water can seep under the shingles and rot the wood. This can happen because the growth of moss on the roof can allow water to travel under the shingles. Once water gets under the shingles, it can cause the wood to rot leading to expensive repairs.

Brush Moss Off Roof

Say Goodbye To Dirty Roofs With Our Moss Removal Services

Roof Moss Removal Before and After

We can help by removing all that annoying moss that never seems to go away. We are experts in removing moss from roofs. The CRCA (Canadian Roofing Contractor Association) approves our safe moss removal methods for commercial and residential properties, preventing damage to your home.

Other companies will use stiff metal brushes for moss removal in Victoria BC. Using a metal brush will damage your shingles, causing roof leaks, and voiding your warranty.

Brushing Moss Off Roof

How We Do It

Moss removal can be a tough process, especially when it has compounded and grown over time. We use a thorough and meticulous process to ensure your roof is as clean as it was when it was new. We clean moss, leaves, and debris from your roof, driveway, and all surfaces in between. Our moss treatment includes soft washing the area with our mixture that will kill any remaining moss, algae and other organics

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