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Expert Window Cleaning Victoria BC

Window before and after

Crystal Clear Views

Our window cleaning service covers all types of jobs from commercial window cleaning to residential window cleaning. We are Victoria’s top local exterior cleaning company enhancing to your views hassle free. Not only do we offer exterior window washing, we also provide interior window washing.

While many exterior cleaning services only clean the glass of the window, H2O Brothers scrubs down the frames, sills, tracks and window screens. For the best results, we suggest cleaning both the inside and outside your windows to ensure high-quality work. Why clean just one side when the other is dirty?

skylight cleaning before

Purified Water

Our top-notch window cleaning tools help us achieve the best work possible for professional, streak free windows

We promise to leave your windows crystal clear. The traditional mop and squeegee is great for interior glass and hard to reach areas outside. When we need a ladder for high windows, we use our water fed pole to safely clean the glass and frames.

Skylight cleaning after

Streak Free

Are you looking for a post construction window cleaning? Concrete, paint, dust, plaster and caulking is no match for us H2O Brothers. We can easily scrape off caked-on debris in new builds or houses affected by construction in the area.

Construction work can sometimes damage or rip screens. This is no problem for us and we can fix them for a small fee.

How Do We Clean Commercial Windows?

Water fed pole window cleaning
High windows are no problem for us. To reach those high up windows we deploy our water fed pole. Our pole made from carbon fiber makes it easy to lift it high in the air. Combined with a pure water filter and gentle brush, we can clean every square inch of the glass, frame and sill.

Window Screen Repair

Here at H2O Brothers, we can repair and replace any broken window screens. We understand that the screen can be easily damaged. It can also be a hassle when you don't have the knowledge about screen repair. When you book a window clean service with us, just tell us about any screens that need fixing and we will get them fixed for an additional cost.


 *Please note screen repairs are only available when you book a window cleaning service with us.*

Serving All Of Greater Victoria

You may be asking yourself, is there a reliable window cleaning service near me? Look no further than us at H2O Brothers. We service all greater Victoria. Our exterior window cleaning service gives you peace of mind when you book with us.
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